Reshape Imaging System User Manual

Quick start guide

  • Turning plates upside down is often a good idea while using agar as it eliminates condensation issues
  • Lids should always be left on plates to prevent them from drying out

Starting a job

  • Make sure that the RIS is powered on and connected via ethernet cable
  • Open the RIS and insert plates on the tray. The tray can be slid out for added convenience.
  • Use the online software interface to start the machine:
    • Login using provided credentials
    • Press “New Job” in the menu at the top left
    • Set up the job to be run using the interface
      • Give a descriptive name for the job
      • Which plate format are you using?
      • Which plates positions should be imaged? (dark blue means they will be imaged, light grey means they will be skipped)
      • What time interval should be used between images?
      • How long do you want to run the job for?
    • The job will be started when you press “submit” and the machine should take the first images within a few minutes.
  • Verify that the system is running 10 minutes after starting by clicking "Home" and check the latest snapshot.
    • If there is a snapshot under the job you started, the machine is running
    • If there is no snapshot, check that the machine is connected via the ethernet cable and the power is turned on. The job should say "started"
  • After the job is done, simply remove the plates from the machine.
  • Log in to the online interface to find, view and/or download the videos from the job

Make sure the incubator is set to the correct temperature if using a stand-alone incubator



The machine is only capable of running with the door closed. This is to ensure operator safety and an even quality of lighting conditions during imaging. Do not try to force the door open while the machine is running, or at any other time unless there is a malfunction, and you need to remove plates from the machine.


Do not attempt to image plate formats that are different from the ones specified in the menu of the RIS. Certain plate types might collide with the imaging head.


The imaging system can easily be cleaned using ethanol or even a soap-based wipe. Simply open the door, take out the tray and wipe it down with ethanol.

Machine overview

Using a 3-axis motion system and imaging head with automatic focus and zoom adjustment, the Reshape Imaging System is capable of doing high-resolution scans of up to 10x microtiter plates or 15x 90mm petri dishes every 30 minutes.

A separate tray is used for holding microtiter plates and petri dishes, as well as a separate tray type for petri dishes which are flipped upside down. Make sure you're using the correct tray for your plate format - contact us if you're missing a tray.

The software interface allows you to select which positions have plates on them.


Complete list of specifications can be found in the Reshape Imaging System Datasheet

Spec sheet


Feel free to contact Reshape Biotech at any point if the machine is causing issues, or try our troubleshooting guide below:

Contact info

The machine is making strange noises/sounds

  • This is most likely not an issue if the results are coming out fine
  • Feel free to contact Reshape Biotech and describe the problem, and we can help ensure that there are no issues or come on-site for a check-up.

Machine won’t start

  • Check that the power and ethernet cables are properly connected
  • Check that the power button is switched to the “on” position
  • If the problem persists, contact Reshape Biotech

Images are out of focus

  • Restart the machine and try to run the job again
  • Ensure that there are no foreign objects inside the machine blocking movement
  • If the problem persists, contact Reshape Biotech

Images are not taken at correct positions

  • Restart the machine and try to run the job again
  • Ensure that there are no foreign objects inside the machine blocking movement
  • If the problem persists, contact Reshape Biotech

Images don’t appear in the cloud interface/aren’t converted to videos automatically

  • Contact Reshape Biotech and we will check the back-end for any errors and connectivity issues with your system

Service and maintenance

The Reshape Imaging System does not require preventative maintenance or calibration unless the machine starts operating below expected performance levels. In this case, please contact Reshape Biotech and we will calibrate and potentially exchange any faulty parts.

If you are unable to troubleshoot the machine yourself, we are also happy to assist either over the phone, email or in person at your site. The purchasing contract and service agreement level will specify the terms and conditions regarding service and maintenance.